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Sunday Schrai July 8, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Politics.
  • It is a hot Sunday morning in NYC. Looking at the weather map it seems as if the whole country is on fire. Am I exaggerating? Am I hysterical? Yiddish words are often the perfect way to describe a situation. Check out today’s word and some other Yiddish expressions below.
  • Schrai — a shriek or wail, sometimes used to connote over-exaggerated hysterics. (“When I told her I’d be ten minutes late, she let out such a shrai!”) (cf. German Schrei)
  • My favorite Air America Host, Rachel Maddow delivers a very funny video clip about the questions she would like to ask the ‘lesser’ known Presidential candidates. check it out for a few laughs here
  • One of my latest targets is Fred ‘I can solve your problems in an hour’ Thompson. Fred might have some image problems when more people see his latest wife who some are calling a ‘trophy’. Will she be accepted with her perpetual ‘George Hamilton’ suntan and bleached blonde hair? So to sum up Fred’s credentials for a Presidential run – he was a one term Senator from Tennessee who apparently thought the ‘process’ was too boring and left the Senate, he aided Nixon, he was an Uber -lobbyist for years, he was or was not a supporter of abortion rights and he has a trophy wife. So what is my problem? Why am I so shallow?
  • Countdown to High Noon: It appears that the thugs in the White House are preparing for a showdown as they have notified the Senate that Sara Taylor, Karl Rove’s former aide will NOT be appearing before the Judiciary Committee on July 11th. And it also seems as if Harriet Miers is busy on July 12th because she can’t make it either.

How many times do we have to get the reminder that it is NOT the CRIME but the COVER-UP? GASP!

  • Impeach Dick ‘the dark force’ Cheney. It is time to start this process. Check out the article and latest video from Robert Greenwald.
AND YOU CAN SIGN THE PETITION HERE: 14 representatives already support H. Res 333, the articles of Impeachment against Dick Cheney. Your signatures will be used to get other House members to to sign on. We are working with a substantial and growing coalition led by Democrats.com and AfterDowningStreet.org.
  • One of my favorite new sites is called SimpleWeather: Check it out


1. Bonnie Luria - July 8, 2007

Look what happens when I leave you alone for a minute!
You go and create another masterpiece of a forum.

Maybe YOU should offer a buy out of Dow Jones/Wall St Journal and put Mr Merde-och
( fr. for shit ) out of the deal.
I love it.

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