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Monday Afternoon Meltdown July 9, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Politics.

It is HOT – very HOT. It is the type of day in the Baked Apple where the tar in the streets has a certain bubble gum bouncy quality.

1. Bush is in denial and also denied the Judiciary Committee’s requests for testimony from two former aides about the firings of federal prosecutors. Raise your hand if you are surprised?


2. In my efforts to find that proverbial pony in the pile of shit we call Washington, I found this article in last week’s Nation and thought it might cheer you up as well. It is called IN PRAISE OF RED TAPE. From the article ‘ But a funny thing has happened over the past six years. At a time when the press failed to check a reactionary Administration, when the opposition party all too often chose timidity, it was the lowly and anonymous bureaucrats, clad in rumpled suits, ID badges dangling from their necks, who, in their own quiet, behind-the-scenes way, took to the ramparts to defend the integrity of the American system of government.’


3. Oh puh-leeze. This screaming headline by Colin Powell ‘I tired to avoid this war’ made me puke. Too little screaming too late for me and the almost 3,600 dead troops and countless numbers of maimed soldiers and dead Iraqi’s. Crocodile tears I say!


4. 560 days left to this corrupt incompetent administration.



1. Carol - July 9, 2007

you make me laugh and laugh

2. judylobo - July 9, 2007

Glad I could make you smile again. We aim to please.

3. Bonnie Luria - July 9, 2007

art, rants and plants- and keen, succinct observations! Could you sub for Keith Olbermann when he’s on vacation?

4. judith wolfe - July 9, 2007

From your lips to MSNBC’s ears!

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