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Tuesday Tirade – part two July 10, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Politics.

How hot is it in the Baked Apple this afternoon? So hot I am staying in for most of the day other than the all too frequent Benny the Dog walks.

1. I don’t often praise anyone in this space but I want to give a HUGE LOBO HOWL to New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson who has suspended his state’s involvement in lethal control of the last remaining 58 southwest wolves.

Here I am howling my praise.


2. John but it’s my turn McCain is imploding. His campaign manager and chief strategist quit today. The straight talk express has a flat tire.

3. Rudy Watch – part 408: How come Mr. Security surrounds himself with so many bozos, thugs and no-gooders? Could it be Mr. Security is not what he is cracked up to be? I mean, if you can’t surveil your own staff – how can you possibly watch over the rest of us? David Vitter, Rudy’s southern regional chair for his presidential campaign is on that DC Madam’s list.

4. To blog or not to blog: here is a funny video of Bush imitator James Adomian as Bush.




1. Bonnie - July 10, 2007

that wolf never looked cuter! who wouldn’t want to save THAT?

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