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Movie Review: Once July 12, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Movie Reviews.

Movie Review: Once

Alternate Title: With a Song in My Heart

Story: Director and writer John Carney has truly captured the much sung about smiling Irish eyes in this delightful, warm, touching film. With only a $130,000 budget Carney managed to create a film that will stick with you longer than any of the multimillion dollar big budget forgettable tripe that is out now.

A street musician struggles to pitch his music day and night and works fixing vacuum cleaners late at night. A serendipitous meeting with a Czech immigrant evolves into a beautiful relationship built on mutual love of music. Their friendship grows to include writing and practicing together and ultimately record their music in a all night session. I got totally involved in these characters as their music reveal their inner thoughts, hopes and unrequited love.The film remains authentic because it is unafraid to show awkwardness and vulnerability between the characters. There is tremendous chemistry between the two and you will find yourself rooting for them the whole time.

The film will warm your heart and make you smile. Once is not enough!

For the rest of this 9 Lobo Howl’s review, go to: http://judithwolfe.com/lobosmoviereviews



1. Cousin Steve - July 12, 2007

When are ‘ya going to see the new Harry Potter movie? (Hurry up, willya?)

2. judith wolfe - July 12, 2007

Soon – very soon!

3. Jude - July 22, 2007

“ONCE” was as good as you said it was. Saw it today and I loved it.

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