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Sunday Shrieks and Two days after Manhattanhenge July 15, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Politics.

mhenge1.jpgManhattanhenge is something I became aware of a few years ago. Most cities have their grids aligned in a true east west fashion. Manhattan is aligned in the direction that the island points which is about a 30 degree angle from true east west. So who cares and why am I writing about this? Well it is a really cool thing to see if the weather cooperates. The sun will set in line with the canyons of buildings on east-west cross streets. Manhattanhenge happens twice a year on the days around May 28 and July 12 or 13. The best views are the cross streets that have a clear view of New Jersey. The streets I would recommend for next year are 14th, 23rd, 34th, 42nd and 57th. This year the weather did not cooperate but I was out there with my camera anyway. Here’s last year’s shot from my corner on 23rd and Broadway. There were several other disgruntled photographers searching for that perfect shot of this twice yearly happening. We shrugged at one another, packed our gear and headed home hoping for a better shot next year. I wonder if the Druids were often disappointed (they did not have Doppler 4000) when the solstices did not work out well for them because of clouds?

–  Some idiot construction worker attempted to injure Pale Male on Friday. Read about it here.

–  Rachel Maddow’s video this week speaks to the stupidity that the candidates spew out when speaking about Iraq. Watch the video:

 –  Six Degrees of Karl Rove – Good Grief! This piece of tripe has been at it since 1973 when he approached the Nixon administration with his ideas. Talk about consistency! The weirdest part of the article is the same names keep popping up. Remember Ann Armstrong? She owns the ranch where Cheney shot his friend in the face. These people are all so creepy it seems incestuous.

–  If you missed this fun video last week, check it out here.

–  If Bob Novak also gives you the creeps too read more about this slimy guy here.

–  I don’t know why people are constantly surprised that other primates are social, cooperative or just plain smart. Check out the latest Orangutan info.

–  File this under Chutzpah: The Bushies are refusing to cooperate in the Henry Waxman investigation of the killing of Pat Tillman by declaring executive privilege.

–  It is not the Yeti, but it is pretty cool. Check out this possible hybrid between chimps and hyenas

blogmonket.jpg–   If you like photos of animals like this cute baby snow monkey on the left here are some more from the Central Park Zoo. Check out our newest arrivals, including a West African Long-tailed Hornbill and four Metallic Starlings.  Check for those birds and other fabulous faces.

–  And finally, see how playful and active our three month old Colobus babies are here.
Off to see some fabulous flowers at the Bronx Botanic Garden.



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