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Every Dog has its Day July 16, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Politics.

lemblog.jpg–  King County Elections Director Sherril Huff has removed Duncan M. MacDonald, from the voter rolls. No, he is not a felon or been declared “non compos mentis” (second item). He is a Canine American. Jane Balogh, 66, had registered her dog to vote in April 2006 to protest a state voter-registration law passed the previous year that she contends makes it too easy for noncitizens to vote because the ID requirements are extremely lax.

–  Fred Thompson Watch Continues: Cagey Fred is still on the fence about his run for President but continues to collect donations, study up on the issues (when not watching himself on L&O reruns) and chatting with the repugnant Bob Novak.

–  Watchdog Group turns out to have been vacant! -The Washington Post reports that the President’s Intelligence Oversight Board, put in place to monitor intelligence abuses, was silent for 5 1/2 years under the Bush Administration, according to the Justice Department. For the first two years of the Bush/Cheney reign, the board was vacant. “It’s now apparent that the IOB was not actively employed in the early part of the administration,” says Anthony Harrington, the board’s chairman during the Clinton administration. “And it was a crucial period when its counsel would seem to have been needed the most.”

–  It’s the 10th Anniversary of the Blogosphere: Perhaps in another 10 years everyone reading this will also have a blog.

–  The Hillary haters are gearing up for attack: Hillary Clinton: Why is She Hated by Progressives and Right-Wingers Alike? America’s anti-Hillary Clinton alliance is growing by the day. A very long article.



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