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Tuesday Tongue Lashing July 24, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Politics.

dudeblog.jpgTo debate or not to debate – Just answer the question?
I watched  an hour of the debate last night in the new CNN – youtube forum. People were asked to submit their questions via a youtube video. That part of the show was the best. People are far more creative than the politicians. What did I think? I think as a group any one of them would be a better President than the thug who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue right now. Anyway here is the quickie UD+SA Today who won the debate poll.

–  Panda breaks for the hills. Funny, funny, funny.

–  Is Fred Thompson a politician or does he just play on on TV? My Fred Thompson watch continues – Check out this story from New York Magazine.

Newt I want to be President, pretty please Gingrich has never learned how to stop inserting his foot into his mouth. Read some of his latest utterings.

–  Mitt Romney is becoming more of an idiot everyday.  His latest stump nitwit act was to pose grinning with a supporter who had a stupid sign that read (spelling included) – No to Obama Osama and Chelsea’s Moma

–  Good grief! Workers at the Leipzig Zoo have been killing their own collection. AURGH!

–  545 days left in this administration filled with liars, crooks and war criminals. Word of the day today is: –  monocracy \muh-NAH-kruh-see\  noun : government by a single person. Example sentence: After years of subjugation, the citizens of the country rose up against the oppressive monocracy.

– And finally, something else to worry about while traveling this summer.

That’s right people, Al Qaeda may not have hijacked any planes since 9/11, but there’s a new terrorist threatening our airports—foot fungus. Have seen those advertisments where the little fungus rips up a toenail and walks inside? It sounds messed up, but on a visceral level, I find that image almost as disturbing as the footage of the twin towers.

Ghioto’s “one size fits all” Sanitary Security Sock System picks up where the department of Homeland Security left off—protecting the nation from the ground up.



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