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Sunday – Still in the Dark with George July 29, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Politics.

oscarwatch.jpgHats off to Dood Abides for this hysterical imagery. Oscar, the famed Rhode Island Death Cat maintaining a vigil upon the desk of Alberto Gonzales. Administrators for the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence Rhode Island late today confirmed that their prized cat Oscar had gone missing. White House authorities late this evening confirmed that the cat in question had mysteriously shown up there. Oscar was recently featured in an essay in the New England Journal of Medicine in which he was heralded for his uncanny ability to predict the imminent deaths of hospice patients.

Tom Tancredo and his crazy campaign to be the GOP head honcho as seen by Air America’s Rachel Maddow.

How dumb is it going to get? If the chasm – schism over Hillary’s neckline is an example of the level of discourse we are going to suffer through I am already suffering from 2008 fatigue. AURGH!

chickblog.jpgHad enough politics for this Sunday morning? Need a refreshing break before you continue reading and pounding the desktop? Just click immediately here to see some adorable Chinstrap penguin chicks, the cutest baby snow monkey you ever saw and other outstanding residents who live at the Central Park Zoo as representatives of their species.

For those interested in New York State politics there is a mea culpa apology from Gov. Eliot Spitzer for the blunders and missteps his administration has recently fallen into. Oh Eliot – how silly you have been.

Oh oh! It looks like now that the Immigration bill has gone the way of Social Security reform the next group to be picked upon is the fatties. This week we learned that if you hang around fat people you will probably get fat and now some employers are starting to make overweight employees pay if they don’t slim down.

The Governor’s mansion has a giant phallus on its lawn. Oh those pranksters in Idaho. Who ever said potatoes are not funny?

Take another break and watch these very funny Ebony Langurs I filmed at the Bronx Zoo

The NY Times is calling for the impeachment of Alberto Gonzales if three things are not explained. Think the Repugnants read the Times? As far as we can tell, there are three possible explanations for Mr. Gonzales’s talk about a dispute over other — unspecified — intelligence activities. One, he lied to Congress. Two, he used a bureaucratic dodge to mislead lawmakers and the public: the spying program was modified after Mr. Ashcroft refused to endorse it, which made it “different” from the one Mr. Bush has acknowledged. The third is that there was more wiretapping than has been disclosed, perhaps even purely domestic wiretapping, and Mr. Gonzales is helping Mr. Bush cover it up. Democratic lawmakers are asking for a special prosecutor to look into Mr. Gonzales’s words and deeds. Solicitor General Paul Clement has a last chance to show that the Justice Department is still minimally functional by fulfilling that request. If that does not happen, Congress should impeach Mr. Gonzales.



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