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Tuesday – View from the Bridge July 31, 2007

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m7s.jpgSome people work at their computers, some people stay home and others, like my favorite New York Police Detective get to climb bridges, dive into the depths of murky waters and generally save people’s lives. It is all in a day’s work for my guy, Matt. Matt is an ESU (Emergency Services Unit) officer whom I have spoken about time and again. He gets to do cool things that make regular people like me, dizzy and nauseous. Sunday he got to climb the Verrazano Bridge as a practice drill. Gulp! Here are a few photos of his day. What did you do Sunday?

m2a.jpg– I walked north on 6th Avenue for about a mile on my way home from the movies yesterday (No End in Sight – read review here ). Along the route home I was approached in the most friendly manner by college age kids wanting me to sign, support, contribute or otherwise listen to their shpiel. This activity has been growing in recent years. Is it happening anywhere else but NYC? I was approached by the ACLU, Children International, Greenpeace, Help Gay Rights, Impeach Bush Now, and the DNC.

– A sad farewell to director Ingmar Bergman who taught us all that films were not always entertaining and every now and then you had to think. Thank you Ingmar.

– A sad farewell to TV’s Tom Snyder as well.

Rudy/Judy Watch Continues: Vanity Fair has an article about Judy as the Princess Bride.

Rudy, Rudy, RudyBlech!

– A decade of deceit: Gonzo has been covering for Bush for over ten years.

– 538 days left in this bogus administration of thugs, liars and war criminals.



1. Jude - July 31, 2007

Bravo to Matt! Glad to have him out there protecting us.
Great photographs!

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