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Wednesday is Hump Day Once Again August 2, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Politics.

tapirblog.jpgJudy, Judy, Judy! JudyLobo writes about Judy Bachrach who wrote the Vanity Fair article about Judy Giuliani. The author is interviewed by CNN’s John Roberts in this video clip. Turns out Judy G. has a bad temper. Oh my – can you imagine the fireworks in that home?

– Oops! We must be getting very close to the next election because lost ballots, bad voting machines and fraudulent purging of the electorate are in the news. In Violation of Federal Law, Ohio’s 2004 Presidential Election Records Are Destroyed or Missing. Two-thirds of Ohio counties have destroyed or lost their 2004 presidential ballots and related election records. The lost records violate Ohio law, which states federal election records must be kept for 22 months after Election Day, and a U.S. District Court order issued last September that the 2004 ballots be preserved while the court hears a civil rights lawsuit alleging voter suppression of African-American voters in Columbus.

– Check out this very interesting world clock

– How much worse a President would Rudy be than Bush? Let us count the ways.

Kitty cat dance – have some good fun with this one.

– The Pat Tillman fiasco is shameful. The cover-up, the denials, the deep disrespect for the family is one of the many National shames we all have endured. Now, Donald Rumsfeld, the war criminal, denies any cover-up.

– Follow the stories that are coming out now that are trying to protect Alberto Gonzales. Bush’ chief intelligence officer (why does that sound funny to me?) Mike McConnell in a letter implied that there are more surveillance programs than have been announced. Does any one else out there think our Gov’t is too incompetent to use any of this secret crap they are accumulating?

Rove refusing to testify. Raise your hand if you are surprised?

– Who needs more friends when you have Fox Noise (News) in your pocket? Roger Ailes was a media consultant for Rudy way back in 1989 when he first ran for Mayor. Rudy officiated at Ailes’ wedding. Does anyone smell the rotten odor coming from this alliance too?



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