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Sunday and the screams go on August 5, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Politics.

chickblo.jpgI salute penguins today. Penguins rock. They really do. Many of the 17 species also build their nests with rocks because it is the only building material available to them. Penguins are cool to watch and since New York City is hot – todays photos and video are about the four beautiful Chinstrap penguin chicks born at the Central Park Zoo this past month. They are wonderful to watch.

For some live entertainment before the politics begin watch our four Chinstrap Penguin Chicks.

– The Senate has frustratingly continued to allow this maniacal administration to continue with its warrant-less wiretapping activities, thus trampling even further on all of our civil rights. The House concurred last night. Congress has now put the fox in charge of the hen house. Alberto Gonzales, who is a breath away from impeachment, has just received the gold medal. He can now spy on anyone without oversight, justification or punishment. Shame on Congress. They are all  simply afraid of a terrorist attack on their watch and then they will be blamed. I just came home from seeing The Bourne Ultimatum and it has at it’s core the cautionary tale of what can happen with these types of programs when they go unchecked. I fear for us all.

– This is a little known NYC story that I have been following. The Mayor’s Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting tried to restrict photographers, film makers, tourists and wannabe Scorsese’s from filming in NYC without a permit and insurance. After many protests and petitions the Office said it would redraft the rules, intended to apply to commercial film and photography productions, to address complaints that they could be too broadly applied. They will then release the revised rules for public comment. My main complaint was that it was another in series of civil rights being chipped away for no sane reason. Let’s hear it for ‘we the people’.

– Hail another victory for the Bush screw-ups. A record poppy crop is expected this year out of Afghanistan. That country is the near sole supplier of heroin to the world. War on terror, war on drugs – what the heck! We are doing a crappy job on both of them.

– On second thought – Gonzales now says that aides got political briefings – in another building. Aurgh!

– Bridge(s) over troubled waters – Keith Olbermann discussed our crumbling infrastructure with Rachel Maddow.

Keith Olbermann will be moderating the AFL-CIO (remember them?) Presidential Forum in Chicago Tuesday night. I will be watching.



1. Bonnie - August 5, 2007

politics – bah! those are the cutest chicks in all of NYC!

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