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Movie Review: This is England August 7, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Movie Reviews.

Movie Review: This is England

Alternate Title: Twelve the Hard Way

Story: It is a small town somewhere next to nowhere in England. It is 1983 and school is out for the summer. Twelve year old Shaun has no friends, his father died in the ongoing Falklands War and he is being bullied by the neighborhood kids. As luck would have it he is befriended (think mascot) by a motley pack of young Skinheads. Shaun feels like he belongs for the first time in his life.

Director and writer Shane Meadows has hit a home run with this slice of life film. It is a coming of age depiction unlike any you have seen before. These goofy Skinheads act more like a bunch of pranksters going to a costume party than any foreboding gang. Suddenly, one of their own returns from prison and the agenda and group takes a major change in direction.

Meadows weaves the frustration of the working class who are disenfranchised, unemployed and angry with the political backdrop of the Thatcher years and the price the country has to pay for her war. Racist backlash rears its ugly head. What kind of trade offs do we make to join a tribe, a group, an ideology?

This film packs quite a wallop and is one you should put at the top of your list for summer cinema. Read the whole 8 Lobo Howls review here:



1. flipbot - August 7, 2007

Great review…I went and saw it Friday 08-03 in L.A. …as one who was a skin back in the late ’80s, I’d say this is the best and most accurate movie about skinheads I’d ever seen. A far cry from the typical portrayal of skins as nothing more than mindless thugs. I guess it takes someone from across the pond to tell the truth. I just wish this movie was around 25 years ago.

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