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Rain, rain go away… August 8, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Animal Videos, Politics.


I saw this sign in Gray’s Papaya’s window yesterday (corner of 6th Avenue and West 8th Street). Ya gotta love those New Yorkers with spirit and passion.

– We are experiencing biblical rains and flooding this morning here in the rainy Apple. Speaking of biblical — This is taking for the old adage for God and country way overboard. Check out this not surprising, but deeply disturbing report from CNN on several Pentagon generals who, in uniform, are proselytizing for Jesus. Woe is me.

Fear of Hillary is Rudy’s new mantra. The Repugnants used fear s their main talking point, platform and ideology. You might not like them, agree with them or vote for them but you have to admit – they are consistent.

– Just for the fun of it. Baby and doggie sing the blue.

– I never mention sports in my blog basically because other than reading the headlines you could say I am not a sports fan. However, it occurs to me that a short thought about Barry Bonds is required. CHEATING DOESN’T COUNT!

– I watched the entire AFL-CIO Democratic Forum moderated by the ever cool Keith Olbermann last night. (I love my DVR). I thought any one of the seven candidates would make a better President than the misguided, lazy, thuggish pretend that lives there now.

– We now have over 162,000 troops in Iraq and 530 more days until they start to make an about face and come home.

– If you are a little sleepy this morning and need a second wake up call watch and listen to my giant otter video from the Philadelphia Zoo.



1. Jude - August 8, 2007

The “Otter music” certianly woke me up!

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