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Movie Review: Blame it on Fidel August 9, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Movie Reviews.

reviewblogpic.jpgMovie Review: Blame it on Fidel

Alternate Title: Mickey Mouse is a Fascist

Story: Politics seen through the eyes of a nine year girl makes for wonderful cinema. Little Anna is caught up in her parents’ 1970’s revolutionary passion. They want to help all of the repressed peoples of the world. They give up their upper middle class lifestyle to commit themselves to their politics. How Anna absorbs and perceives large political polemics and philosophy makes for much comedy, drama and terrific entertainment.

A solid gene pool is evidenced by director and co-writer Julie Gavras (daughter of the amazing Costa-Gavras) and based on the novel “Tutta Colpa di Fidel” by Domitilla Calamai.

Anna is willful, bright and curious. One of my favorite scenes has Anna ingesting concepts like the greater good through the peeling of an orange by one of the young revolutionaries (who by the way all look like the Che featured on the ubiquitous t-shirt) in her parents’ home.

This film held my attention from beginning to end. If you have any interest in politics, idealism, good acting, story telling and just plain entertainment try to get to see this film. To read the rest of this 8.5 Lobo Howl review go here.



1. » Movie Review: Blame it on Fidel - August 9, 2007

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2. Movie Review Guy - August 10, 2007

Did this movie just come out?

3. Movie Review Guy - August 10, 2007

Is Fidel actually in the movie, or is the title not so literal (the actual title, not the alternate title, of course)?

4. judylobo - August 10, 2007

The movie opened August 3rd in NYC at Cinema Village. Fidel is mentioned but does not appear in the film. Allende in Chile, Franco’s Spain and the repressed peoples of the world are the theme.

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