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You can’t get there from here – or from anywhere August 9, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Animal Videos, Politics.


The City came to a halt yesterday after an hour of rain flooded the transit system. That one guy who worked for the MTA with a mop and a bucket was overwrought. Guess what? The subway pumps were not working properly and there was nothing anyone could do or say to make it better. There were not enough buses or taxi-cabs to handle the overflow of people who were just trying to get to work.  There will be studies, panels and editorials about the mess but in the long run, nothing will get done about the problem and we will go back to grousing about the usual things. On the top of the list will be the upcoming proposed fare hike by the beloved MTA.

–  It is just one year until the Beijing Olympics begin. I can’t wait to start reading about the millions of Chinese whose rights will be trampled upon in order for China to show a good face to the rest of the world. Stay tuned.

–  I really mean it this time. Pat Leahy, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee has given the White House another 12 days to hand over documents it requested nearly six weeks ago regarding the administration’s legal justifications for its warrantless wiretapping program. And then they will probably give them another 12 days, and another 12 days and on and on and on.

– Rachel Maddow’s weekly youtube comments about why she hates gay politics.

–  Busted! Another young Repugnant got caught with his pants down and has to quit the campaign trail.

– Yes, Virginia, there are spies everywhere. They are up in the air, watching the Internet and in collusion with the telecommunication giants.

–  Check out how the good people of the City of New York felt like yesterday.



1. Robert - August 9, 2007

Hi Judy

GREAT combo of music and video but you got me. Who did the singing? Sounded almost like Michael Buble’, not at all like Bobby Darin but I don’t knoe. ;-(


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