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I am the walrus – coo coo ca choo! August 12, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Animal Videos, Politics.

pandabliog.jpgThe quest continues to see the perfect zoo. The perfect zoo not only has obliging, awake, active animals but is also a zoo that has the photographer in mind when planning the exhibit areas. The perfect zoo would not have cyclone fencing or stained and scratched windows. Two of my old zoo loving, political friends and I took a drive to New Jersey last Sunday to visit the Bergen County Zoo and the Turtleback Zoo in Essex County. It was a first visit for the three of us and it was a great day filled with beautiful animals and lots of politics. Here are photos of the many faces we saw at the Turtleback Zoo. Here are some fabulous faces from the Bergen County Zoo. They were not the perfect Zoo – but they were fine, indeed.

At a recent visit to the New York Aquarium we saw a terrific water ballet by two of the resident walrus. I am the walrus – coo coo ca choo! Interested in some of the thinking behind I am the walrus?

– Are walrus’ right handed?

– The Protect Alberto Gonzales Act of 2007. Brought to you by those madcap folks in Washington. Read it all here.

– The rhetoric of Rudy – He is caught in the act of lying again and this time is skewered by Stephen Colbert.

– The world according to Fox –

– Paper or plastic? How about neither. Watch:

– What’s da matter MITT you? I am sure you have heard that Mitt Romney defended his five sons’ decision not to fight in Iraq because they were helping their country by working to elect him President.



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