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Wednesday and we are all 98% Chimps August 15, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Politics.

98.jpgA friend of mine was wearing this t-shirt the other day and I thought it was hilarious.

– The author of Bush’ Brain, James Moore, comments on the Rove’s departure.

– Bye bye to Dennis Hastert. He sure was a team player for the Bush agenda – even enabling a sex predtor. Tsk tsk. Another Repugnant that will not be missed.

– Oh oh! Fox News caught altering Al Franken’s Wikipedia entry. Shame on them!

– Be afraid, be very afraid. Paul Charlton, former US attorney for Arizona, told Truthout on Tuesday that a new law authorizing Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to fast-track executions is ill-conceived because it gives power to an official who has little regard for capital punishment cases. Charlton was fired last year for refusing Justice Department orders to seek the death penalty in a drug-related murder case.

Top 10 Reasons Karl Rove Quit – (thanks to Dan Tynan and his brilliant witlist via David Letterman)

10. He’s planning to join David Lee Roth on the next Van Halen tour.

9. He’s about to be indicted for operating a dog fighting ring behind
the Rose Garden.

8. He wanted to spend more time suppressing the black vote.

7. It was only a matter of time until Dick Cheney shot him in the face.

6. His boss wouldn’t give him time off to attend Gay Day at Disney World.

5. Having failed to build a permanent majority of Republicans over
here, he’s looking to build a permanent majority of terrorists over there.

4. Two words: Sex change.

3. Wanted to get out while Bush popularity ratings still in double digits.

2. If you’d had your hand inside another man’s ass for 14 years, you’d
be ready to quit too.

And the number one reason Karl Rove quit:

1. Osama made him a better offer.



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