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Home sweet home August 22, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Politics.


I am emerging from a great ten day vacation but it is always good to be at home sweet home. Speaking of vacations, our bogus President, George W. Bush is about to break another record. Within days he will beat Reagan’s record as the presidential vacation time record holder. Wa-hooooooooooo! Reagan spent 436 days on vacation in his two terms and Bush is closing in on that number with 417 when he left for Crawford last week. The Iraqi Parliament and Dick Cheney are on vacation too. I hope he is not going hunting with any of his remaining friends.

–  While on vacation, 4 more troops were killed in a downed helicopter yesterday which brings the total US casualties to 3,721. Just why does Bush seem inappropriately giddy when seen in photo ops? AURGH!

–  My west coast trip included a visit to the San Francisco Zoo.  Part One of my trip here (part two coming soon):

–  Fred Thompson wears Gucci!

The Gucci loafer incident has already given rise to a tempest in the blogs. Ryan Sager, blogging at the New York Sun, has discovered that when Thompson ran for the Senate in 1994, his opponent described him as a “Gucci-wearing, Lincoln-driving, Perrier-drinking, Grey Poupon-spreading millionaire Washington special-interest lobbyist.” Pajamas Media, on the other hand, has raised doubts about the story, pointing out that the loafers do not come in larger than a size 12 and Thompson wears a 13.

–  Liberals read more than conservatives. It seems liberals do not simply want policy that fits on a bumper sticker. Read on unless you learned enough from my headline grabber!

–  Does anyone miss Karl Rove yet? Rachel Maddow dissects Karl Rove’s farewell media blitz tour.

– As previously noted, I have sent a political contribution to Al Franken’s campaign. Anyone else interested in why you should help out Al?



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