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Six Years Later September 11, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Photography, Politics.

judys.jpgLong time Lobo readers know that I started writing on that awful Tuesday, September 11, 2001 as a way to keep in touch and as a way to process the nightmare that attacked my fair City. Life goes on, as they say, but this time of year still breaks my heart. The blue, crisp September sky, the low flying planes, the loud noises, the cacophony from the many groups still fighting over Ground Zero and the many people who have developed health problems since that day. The politics of the day makes me weep and gets me enraged. I light two candles every year – one for each tower. I may have to light another candle in remembrance of what we used to stand for and what we have lost in these last six years. Can you hear my big sigh wherever you are?

I thought photos might be a good way to remember that day. So, here we go.

The first photo is the obvious one that anyone who has ever ridden the Staten Island Ferry or the Circle Line has taken and is now filed somewhere in their photo drawer. Pictured above are my Cousin Judy from CA and me as we dazed out at that magnificent skyline in June 0f 2000 (Cousin Steve gets photo credit).


Here’s what that same vista looks like today. I took this photo from the Circle Line on September 3, 2007.

911flat.jpgThis photo was taken early afternoon in front of the Flatiron building on September 11, 2001. The view is looking south down Broadway and Fifth Avenue. You can see the cloud of smoke and dust on the left of the Flatiron building and you people walking north towards their homes. That blue sky is embedded into my brain.

911brigde.jpgThis photo was taken when Carol and I tried to walk her home to Brooklyn on September 12th, 2001. We were not allowed to walk over any of the bridges that connected Brooklyn to Manhattan so we had to take the train. You can see the smoldering pile of smoke and ash still looming over the site. This went on for weeks.

– Here is a video I shot two days ago from the same spot.


Here’s a shot taken on West Street on September 27, 2001.

– Keeping a sense of humor during the months that followed the attacks helped me to keep my sanity. Today I revisit my Cable TV saga with a letter of mine that was printed in the New York Times’ Metropolitan Diary Section on February 2, 2002

Dear Diary:
Since Sept. 11, my television reception has been bad. Finally a few weeks ago, I was annoyed enough to call the cable company, which sent a repairman who told me I was too close to the Empire State Building. I told him I had always been that close to the Empire State and he apparently realized I wasn’t happy with his answer, so he told me a story that made his useless visit worthwhile. I don’t know whether it was true, but it made me laugh. He said he had made a call to a customer who claimed that his television set was changing stations all by itself. He inspected everything and was baffled, but then noticed that across the alley in a neighbor’s apartment the television set was on. It turned out that whenever the neighbor changed his station with the remote control, he also changed the irate customer’s station. The cable guy suggested closing the blinds. It did the trick. I, however, still have lousy TV reception. Judith Wolfe

– There is still an ache that I revisit. If you live within walking distance of the site as I do, or if you work downtown, it is impossible not to think about that day. Does it get better? Time is a good healer and other crap makes me angry.

– I still check to see that the Empire State Building is standing many times a day.

– I often look up in the sky when I think an airplane is flying too low.

– I am suspicious when I hear sirens that go on too long.

– I still have all of the stuff (magazines, newspapers and brochures) that I accumulated over that first year. The newspapers are yellowing. Perhaps there is no rush to do anything with them. They are all tucked away in a drawer.

– Carol is doing fine. She still works within spitting distance of the ‘pit’ and my hat goes off to her and her coworkers who go there every day. She and I still chat almost everyday and find many things to laugh about.

– Police Officer Matt is also doing just fine. He is now a member of the Emergency Services Unit and is a detective. He leaps tall buildings, climbs bridges and works that wacky jaws of life machine to save people.

– That 3 pound kitten that walked into the lobby (and into my life) of my East 22nd Street building on October 25, 2001 is still here and now weighs in at 17 pounds. I also adopted a quirky dog named Benny.

– I have no idea what ever became of Gaspar Gonzalez, the Cable TV whiz kid that finally was able to fix my TV reception after 7 months of waves, ghosts and general annoyances.

– Mayor Mike is doing a good job except for some civil rights problems I have issues with during the Repugnant National Convention.

– Rudy Giuliani is still profiting from that horrific day and now wants to be our King.

– The Democrats have taken the House and Senate and are still impotent.

This is a big year coming up. We will pick our Presidential candidates for 2008 and by this time next year we will all be crazy from the onslaught of negative ads, dirty tricks and scandals. Wouldn’t it alos be nice if this next year we could actually catch Osama Bin Laden?




1. Bonnie - September 11, 2007

a tender and wistful homage to a day that has become a branding iron for all of us.
Thank you.

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