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Surge, Dirge, Berge September 14, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Politics.

scream.jpgMr. I won’t give press conferences gave his eighth speech to a captive nation on his Iraq War. I watched, I yawned, I threw a pillow and I looked like Edvard Munch’s portrait on the left when it was over. There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that this thug in the White House intends to hand the baton over to the next President because he has no solution to his self-made quagmire.  Shame on the Dreadfulcrats who cannot seem to find the votes to stop him. Bush does not care that 2/3 of the country does not back his war. He does not care what anyone thinks – he never has. Like a petulant child, he wants what he wants and will scream and rant and rave to get it whether he is alone in that cause or not. He is now hiding behind the medals of General Petraeus and acting as if it is the Generals’ war and not his.

–  Andy Card once aid that you never bring out a new product in August – you wait until September. More on this September product push here: Bush’s Oval Office address on Iraq culminates a week of brazen propaganda from the White House and Pentagon, with no sign that the president has learned anything from his failure.

–  Here’s Keith Olbermann broadcasting from Ground Zero on the evening of the 6th anniversary. Listen and watch:

–  Lame Duck Walking: This last 16 months is going to be avery bumpy ride as this preternder tries to polish up his very tarnished image an leave his mark all over this torn and scarred country.

But relief over Bush’s last days should not blind us to this central fact: For the next sixteen months, his Administration is the executive branch. It still runs the occupation of Iraq, approves or vetoes laws and budgets, makes political and judicial appointments, issues federal regulations, negotiates treaties and trade agreements and controls a swollen network of surveillance and law enforcement agencies. Indeed, thanks to the implementation of the “unitary executive” theory and the unprecedented use of signing statements, Bush may be the most powerful and dangerous President in history.

–  The real reason Bush is withdrawing troops from Iraq

But that explanation doesn’t jibe with the facts. No matter what the president or Gen. David Petraeus, the military point man of the surge, may now say about next spring’s drawdown, it is not predicated on success. Bringing troops home is not a choice, but a fait accompli. It has been preordained since the beginning of the surge. In fact, the surge was always destined to end next spring because after that there will be no more troops with which to continue it, according to statements from Adm. Michael Mullen, the man Bush recently appointed as chairman of the military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, not to mention statements from Gen. Petraeus himself. Many troops now in Iraq have already had their tours of duty extended to 15 months in order to participate in the surge. To continue the surge past next spring, the Pentagon would have to extend those tours even further. To do so would “break” the U.S. military, many experts have warned — including Adm. Mullen. The administration has repeatedly indicated that those tours would not be extended.



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