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Liars, Thugs and Creeps September 20, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Politics.

nicky.jpgI met with two of my political friends last night for one of our usual gripe and prediction session. We tried to think of one thing that the Bush Administration has done that has been a beneift to this nation. We could not think of one thing. Can anyone out there help us on this one?

–  Here’s a list you do NOT want to be on. The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (good luck to those fine people) have created a new list of the 22 MOST corrupt members of Congress.

–  We cannot seem to convince four more Repugnant Senators to come over to the Blue team to vote with their consciences. Yesterday both Jim Webb’s proposal on Iraq and some rest time for the troops and the Habeus Corpus bill by Pat Leahy were defeated by those missing four votes. Until the Dems can get those four votes they MUST keep appealing to their base (that would be me) regardless of the defeats they suffer. They won in 2006 to get us out of this war and they have to keep trying.

–  Liar liar pants on fire – and they all blinked. Repugnants and the Thuggies administration used a ‘bogus’ terror threat that raised specific fears of an attack on the Capitol to scare lawmakers into adopting a dramatic temporary expansion of the government’s spy powers last month. That specific intelligence claim, it turned out, was bogus; the intelligence agencies knew that,” Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) said at a forum on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act organized by the Center for American Progress in Washington. However, lawmakers did not learn of the claim’s unreliability until “the day” they approved the FISA expansion.,

– Did you hear that not one of the Repugnant candidates for President is going to show up at the debate at Morgan State University in Baltimore? I guess they are not interested at all in even pretending to appeal to the Black voter anymore. John McCain was the only candidate to accept the invitation to a TV debate on Univision, the major Hispanic network. That immigration thing is burying them along with the War.

–  The Pope does not make nice with Rice. Apparently the Pope refused to meet with Condi in August. She was very upset.

– Fred Watch: From Political Wire:  Thompson Skips Chapter in Life Story

Fred Thompson “tells his life story on the campaign trail in about a half-hour and a dozen or so roles: farmworkers’ son, graveyard-shift factory worker, teenage dad, prosecutor, Watergate Republican counsel, accidental actor, U.S. senator,” the Miami Herald reports.

“Invariably missing: lobbyist.”

“Asked why he omits public mention of his long and lucrative career, Thompson chuckled: ‘Nobody asked me the question.'”



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