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Who Let the Dogs Out? September 23, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Animal Videos, Photography, Politics.
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William Wegman‘s wonderful Weimaraners  have been enjoyed by millions around the world. These amazing, graceful dogs make most people smile, laugh and just feel good. His latest video/art installation in Madison Square Park, right by the yummy Shake Shack can be seen by one and all until October 28th. The new seven-minute video, is viewed on four outdoor monitors starring Wegman’s favorite cast of characters as they enjoy a fall day in Madison Square Park. For more info on this installation which runs until October 28.
My dog Benny featured to the left in his Wegman homage wig, barked at the video when he first watched it. Catch Benny and a few glimpses of the Wegman video here:

Stuart Brown, a physician and clinical researcher founded and serves as president of the National Institute for Play. ‘Anyone who has a pet can testify that play is not exclusive to humans. And, in the wild, different species often are at odds. But, Stuart Brown witnessed something different. Watch the striking images of a wild polar bear playing with sled dogs in the wilds of Canada’s Hudson Bay.’

– If you love dogs, you’ve got to check this out

– Want a photo of a cute puppy in your in-box every morning? It helps to balance out all of the other bad news. Check out The Daily Puppy and sign up.

– When Judy Calls, Rudy Listens: At the NRA suck up last week, Rudy got a phone call form his beloved Judy during his speech. How come Rudy can’t do cute? Gag!

– Enough about dogs. Have you seen this GIANT spider web in Texas?

– An occasional Lobo prediction: How does a Hillary – Wesley Clark ticket sound to you? He has endorsed her, is on a speaking tour about his new book, looks and sounds authoritarian on TV and, let’s face it – he is a General.

– If you go to my post about The Granny Brigade, Betty, who was featured in my photo has added two comments. Go Betty!

– You are on your own today with Frank Rich on Senator Craig and
Maureen Dowd on Rudy and Judy. The Times Select is dead. Long live freedom of the reader!



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