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Movie Review: Into the Wild September 26, 2007

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reviewblogpic1.jpgMovie Review: Into the Wild

Alternate Title: King of the Road

Story: Those of you who read Jon Krakauer’s fabulous book, Into the Wild, know, as I do that Christopher Johnson McCandless shed the outer trappings of family, society, possessions and expectations and walked into the wilderness. His adventure was unraveled, mystery style in the novel, by tracking down the people and places he had visited via bits of information. What started as a 9000 word article in Outdoor magazine in 1992, now has a cult following and is a major motion picture by director and writer Sean Penn.

That said, the movie’s direction is not the same as the book and if you can wrap your head around that vision you will most likely enjoy large parts of the film.

Penn has focused on McCandless’ adventurous spirit, courage, intelligence and ability to literally drop out and be as one with nature. Others might simply view him as a careless, thoughtless 23 year old who did a foolish thing. Whatever your view of this young man, you can admire some of the things he accomplished and you can surely admire the luscious scenery we get to enjoy on his fantastic adventure.

The good news is that the acting is terrific, the location shots are beautiful and I applaud someone who can drop the creature comforts of our consumer culture and simply walk away. The bad news is that it is overly long, occasionally trite and could have used about a twenty minute trim to tighten up the power of the film.

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