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Bad Day at BlackWater October 2, 2007

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wetmonkey.jpgMercenary armies should have gone out with the Dark Ages. But our thuggish Government has resurrected the concept and we are paying a heavy price, literally, psychologically, diplomatically and politically for this stupid act in the ‘art of war’. Check out the actual monetary price we have doled out thus far.

Report Depicts Recklessness at Blackwater – Guards working in Iraq for Blackwater USA have shot innocent Iraqi civilians and have sought to cover up the incidents, sometimes with the help of the State Department, a report to a Congressional committee said today. The report, based largely on internal Blackwater e-mail messages and State Department documents, depicts the security contractor as being staffed with reckless, shoot-first guards who were not always sober and did not always stop to see who or what was hit by their bullets

– The dark truth about Blackwater: Outsourcing the war to private military contractors such as Blackwater has shattered the United States’ moral authority and its ability to win the nation’s wars — including Iraq. – By P.W. Singer

The Blackwater mess has roiled Capitol Hill and shined light on the many questions surrounding the legal status, management, oversight and accountability of the private military force in Iraq, which numbers more than 160,000 — at least as many as the total number of uniformed American forces there. The debate will heat up again Tuesday with hearings by the House Oversight and Reform Committee led by Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman of California. The problem is, some of the most critical questions may yet go unasked.

– Fred Thompson was much more appealing to his Conservative base before he threw his dunce cap into the ring.

Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson said Monday he was certain former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction prior to the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, a point of contention in the 41/2years since the war began. “We can’t forget the fact that although at a particular point in time we never found any WMD down there, he clearly had had WMD. He clearly had had the beginnings of a nuclear program,” Thompson told an audience of about 60 at a Newton cafe.

– The crazy story surrounding the death of NYC’s Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum’s daughter-in-law gets stranger by the day.

– Seymour Hersh is writing once again about the build up to war. Is anyone going to listen this time out?

– We all need to take a break from the politics of the day. Enjoy one of my latest snow monkey videos. Watch the Central Park Zoo monkeys swim and frolic in the last rays of summer.



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