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Vini, Vidi, Veto October 11, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Photography, Politics.

eagle.jpgThe petulant bogus President is at it again. He is threatening another veto if Congress doesn’t give him everything he wants. This time it concerns the already over the top gift of the continuing ability to spy on us by the NSA. Now he wants the gift sugar coated with the caveat that the telecommunication companies would be protected from prosecution ‘if’ they had any part in this activity. Does anyone out there want to tell me why these GIANT companies need protection? If anyone needs protection it is that 12 year old boy who is being ‘swift boated’ by the Repugnants for becoming the spokesperson for the side against the veto of the SCHIP. What is this country coming to?

– Watch Keith speak with Air America’s Rachel Maddow about this issue:

Alberto Gonzales has lawyered up to fight the pending charges against him while he was raping the country. Surprise, surprise – he hired George Terwilliger. He was a former deputy attorney general under the Bush 1, and later helped oversee GOP lawyers in the Florida recount battle of 2000. Rumor has it that Terwilliger was going to get the AG job but was beat by nominee Mukasey (friend of Rudy). It is all one big snarky family of Repugnants, isn’t it?

– The flap over Obama’s decision not to wear that annoying little American flag lapel pin is one of those media loving non-stories that comedy central just loves. Last night Lewis Black told it like it is on Jon Stewart’s show.

Jon Stewart’s show is the way millions of people get their news. That is fine with me because he speaks more truth than most of the ‘real’ media. Check out this segment on Bush’ ‘WE DON’T TORTURE’.

– It seems that the early apes walked upright earlier than we thought. Do you think we are devolving instead of evolving these days?

– Here’s a fine example of devolution. Media Putz of the Week is Michael Medved.



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