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Home Sweet Home October 30, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Photography, Politics, Videos.

wilddogblog.jpgIt is great to go on a vacation and equally as good to come home. Sleeping in one’s own bed is good thing. Kissing one’s dog is even better than that (oh yeah, and petting the cat is fun too). Forget about the 48 phone messages, a bagful of snail mail and the return to the deafening sounds of sirens in the City – there is nothing like home sweet home. So what did I miss? Not much because I read the NY Times everyday and checked the headlines every now and then.

– Flying home last night on Jet Blue I got to see Keith Olbermann’s show. I watched a great segment as he spoke with Lawrence O’Donnell, about the phony FEMA press conference last week and the news that one of the perpetrators of that hoax, Pat Philbin, was shocklingly denied a scheduled promotion working for the Director of National Intelligence — which is unheard of in the Bush doctrine of preemptive stupidity.

“We’re told that a high ranking member of the Bush administration reviewed someone’s record, found him lacking and then severed ties with him. An event some have long prophesied as the first horseman of the apocalypse.”

– The fires in California were awful but people seem to forget that Southern California is really a desert and people have transformed it into a dream for themselves. Deserts are hot, filled with fires, floods and weather roller coasters. So those dreams will turn into nightmares every now and then.

– For that much needed smile, here’s my clip of a gibbon eating  bug at the Philadelphia Zoo

– Kudos to the Red Sox! The Yankees are undergoing seismic changes.

– If you missed Stephen Colbert on Meet the Press here is an hysterical clip.

– Rachel Maddow’s weekly take on the 2008 Repugnant race in Romney Reagan Rebranding



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