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Things that go bump on the right October 31, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Animal Videos, Politics, Videos.

Bat BlogAs an urban dweller I am not frightened of things that go bump in the night. However, I am terribly frightened of things that go bump on the right. Here are some of the things that are alarming, bloodcurdling, chilling, creepy, hair-raising, horrendous, horrifying, intimidating, shocking, spine-chilling, spooky, terrifying and unnerving.

– There are 466 more days of this thuggish administration. What mayhem can they spew upon us in the next 15 months? Will we have any civil rights remaining when they leave?

– It still makes me crazy that Scooter Libby’s sentence was commuted by the Thug-in-Chief. Check out Valerie Plame on last night’s Jon Stewart show.

– Bush thinks listening to the American people is a waste of time. He said ” The House of Representatives has wasted valuable time on a constant stream of investigations and the Senate has wasted valuable time on an endless series of failed votes to pull our troops out of Iraq. And yet there’s important work to be done on behalf of the American people.” Check out the video here.

– The Dreadfulcrats’ debate last night in Philadelphia should have come with boxing gloves. The boys are on the attack against Hillary. A word to the wise: do not end up looking like bullies, please. If she gets the nomination, the Repugnants’ will bully her enough.

– Tax reform to the Repugnants means nothing more than ‘how much more money can I keep and still starve the beast’.

Warren Buffett sat down with Tom Brokaw on “NBC Nightly News” last night to discuss his problems with the US tax structure. He described an informal poll of his office, where the average tax rate was 32.9 percent, compared to his 17.7 percent, citing that as evidence that “the tax system has titled toward the rich in the last 10 years.” He also talked about hedge fund managers and the lower tax rates they enjoy.

– Joe Biden got kudos from the audience with his put down of the major thug Rudy.

– The scariest thing of all is that Rudy will get the nomination. He is a bully, a thug, an egomaniac and a profiteer.

– Here’s hoping your Trick or Treating turns out as fine as this Gibbon at the Philadelphia Zoo when she stretched and stretched to get a very delectable bug as a treat.

– Finally, for that much needed smile of the day. Maryland wiccan lottery winner Elwood “Bunky” Bartlett, intends to open a Hogwarts type school with his winnings.



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