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The Daily Me (or you) November 1, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Animal Videos, Photography, Politics, Videos.

rafpic.jpgThe dailyme (or you) is a great new place to have all of the stuff you are interested in reading about come directly to your in-box each day (or as often as you like). I use this nifty site and am encouraging you to subscribe too. The process is very easy and the service is free. DailyMe, which is on its Beta phase, provides a customized and personalized newspaper based on an individual’s choice of topics and sources. DailyMe aggregates current stories from leading content providers. Users also control delivery, which can be by email, online, print or PDA. I have included some simple instructions below. Subscribing to DailyMe:

1. Go to www.dailyme.com. There is a sign up box on the right hand side of the screen titled “Join DailyMe Now!” Enter a Display Name (username), email address and a choice password and password confirmation. Please check the Terms of Service agreement before completing the subscription.

2. After sign up, you will be taken to a page that will walk you through your content selection. You can choose from a variety of categories (“World News” or “Business & Finance”) and refine by topics (“Top News” or “IPOs”) and keywords. You can also alter the order and priority of your choices.

The Content selection page also allows you to choose from particular sources (“The Washington Post” or “Associated Press”), pre-determined profiles (“News Junkies” or “Fantasy Baseball”) or other users’ profiles.

3. After the content selection process you will be taken to a confirmation page. You can change delivery preferences (time or method) by selecting the edit settings link on the confirmation page or by subsequently logging into your Daily Me and choosing Edit Settings.

Your DailyMe will be available online and in real time every time you log into the site. If you have not chosen a delivery preference, your DailyMe will be delivered to your email on a daily basis at the time you first registered.

The Company is looking forward to your feedback. There is a Contact Us section on its website and a help email address

– Want to know where your favorite candidate is going to be this week? Or where your nemesis is going to show up next so that you can steer clear of the toxic waste? Just click on a candidates name on the right and a map will appear. Peruse the site – it is fun and informative. Check out this great site.

– The Real Rudy – blech!

Urban Dictionary is an cool and interesting site for you word folks out there.

– Presidential candidate Stephen Colbert had an especially funny segment the other night.

– I have been angry about these incidents ever since the RNC had their convention in NYC in almost four years ago. We have gotten used to having our rights trampled and accept this type of behavior as ‘just the way it is’. It is a very dangerous thing when citizens accept brutality as a way of life.

– Anyone going to miss Karen Hughes? She said ‘good bye’ yesterday and packed her bags and is returning to Texas to be with her family. That is eight out of nine Bush loyalists who have said ‘bye-bye’.

–  Finally, for that much needed smile, a baby tree kangaroo for you.



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