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A Torturous Sunday November 4, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Animal Videos, Photography, Politics, Videos.

torture.jpgThe news topic of the day seems to be torture. Do we torture? What is torture? Does torture work? It drives me nuts. This thuggish administration tortures, lies, abuses the Constitution, starts wars, breaks every code of conduct that we have lived by and generally has made us a pariah around the world. How did we stoop so low that the issue of torture is even an issue? I am sad, angry, frustrated and depressed that the United States is no longer the country that it used to be. It seems the dreadfulcrats have decided that Mukasey is going to be our next Attorney General despite the fact that he gave everyone the runaround about torture. How disappointing is this majority party? Jon Stewart manages to make the issue of torture laughable is this terrific clip from the other night.

– Donald Rumsfeld is long gone but his policies are still torturing us. Watch Keith Olbermann as he talks about Rumsfeld’s memos, called ‘snowflakes’ because they came so often – as many as 20 to 60 per day.

– The guy that tortures me the most is Rudy Giuliani. Keith Olbermann offered an apology (of sorts) to Rudy for something that was misquoted on the air the other night and then goes on to award Rudy the tri-fecta of worse, worser and worstest person in the world. Watch.

– As one of those vociferous animal advocates it often makes me crazy how people react to normal animal behavior. However, this red panda video is fun to watch even though the audio portion is very annoying and anthropomorphic.

– There was a long, fascinating article about the relationship between bad judgment Rudy and Bernie thud Kerik in yesterday’s Times. It read like an episode of the Sopranos. If Rudy gets the Repugnant nomination this will be one of the major stories in the news as Bernie’s imminent indictment nears. Check it out.

– My dog Benny and I stood out on the corner this morning and waved to the hundreds of buses on their way to Staten Island that are carrying the 37,000 NYC Marathoners who are going to have the time of their lives today and will also be also torturing themselves. As a retired five time NYC Marathoner, I can tell you that the aches, pains and training are all wroth it when you here the millions of New Yorkers cheering for you and when you cross that finish line and get that fabulous medal put around your neck. Go Marathoners!

pabloblog.jpgThe Central Park Zoo has a new resident. He is an adorable Tamandua (lesser anteater) named Pablo. He weighs about  15 pounds, has a prehensile tail and a long snout. His home turf is South America – east of the Andes and south to southern Brazil, northern Argentina and Uruguay. Tamanduas are in the magnorder Xenarthra, which includes armadillos, sloths, and anteaters. Formerly referred to as edentates, which means toothless, these animals have primitive teeth without incisors or canines, special joints in their backbones, and relatively small brains for mammals. Check out Pablo and some other great faces here:

–  Last week’s trip to California took us to the Oakland Zoo. They have a terrific Malaysian Flying Fox exhibit.



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