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Mostly about Keith and Rudy November 6, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Politics, Videos.

It looks like Keith Olbermann’s popularity is pushing MSNBC towards the left in its program line-up. Could they become the anti-Fox?

Last night, Keith had one of his passionate special commentaries – this time on the topic of the day: Waterboarding. It is a seven minute piece and well worth your time. After you watch it maybe you should go to your local polling place and see what is on the ballot in your area. It is an off year and ‘they’ count on your apathy. Go see what they are up to – it could be very important and your vote generally does count. Watch and listen to: THEY HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN WATERBOARDING IS TORTURE

–  Speaking of torture. Chief thug Rudy Giuliani suggested this weekend that he sees only a fine line between the sort of intensive questioning practiced by New York City Police and torture. He bashes John McCain (who has been tortured). Watch and be appalled.

–  Today is the day that Mukasey will probably get the nod to be the next Attorney General. You say that he cannot be worse than Gonzales? Is that where we want to set the bar (no pun intended) for our top legal person in the country.
Check out this story form Salon.

–  It seems I am not the only one who despises Rudy. The Dangerous Rudy Giuliani: George Bush with Brains

People of Britain: congratulations are in order. You have now joined ferret owners, sidewalk artists, hot dog vendors, publicly funded attorneys for poor people, low-income community college students, museum curators, a couple of innocent black men shot dead by the police, the sections of the New York City charter governing rules of succession to the mayoralty and, of course, Hillary Clinton, as objects of Rudy Giuliani’s demagoguery and wrath

–  What’s a day without a good rationalization? Check out this article in today’s Science Times. Go Ahead, Rationalize. Monkeys Do It,Too.



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