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A Returning Tirade November 18, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Animal Videos, Photography, Politics, Videos.

croixblog1.jpgWhen returning home from a vacation it is hard to focus on any one story of the day so today’ tirade touches on a little of this and a little of that. The almost weekly debates have become more shrill and contentious each week. One guy stands out as beacon of truth, justice and the American way and his name is Dennis Kucinich. Watch this short clip from last week’s CNN debate to see what I mean.

– After you watch that clip check out this one:

– And one more quick one to pound home the point:

– The Barry Bonds scandal is apoplectically on steroids. I call it the media’s bait and switch topic of the day. Focusing on sports or pop culture scandals takes the headlines away from the real issues of the day and the thugs love it.

The fact is that Bonds is under attack from a collection of torture-loving, Habeas Corpus shredding, illegal wire tapping, political operatives. The idea that a Barry Bonds indictment becomes the first act of Mike Mukasey’s Justice Department only exposes Sens. Diane Feinstein and Chuck Schumer, and the other Democratic pols who backed his confirmation. They called him “a man of character” as well as “a strong leader, committed to depoliticizing the agency’s operations.” There is no evidence of character and leadership in this indictment; only the tawdry political desire for headlines.

– In the we are going down the tubes category, check out this head exploding piece from the O’Reilly Factor as he discusses evolution with Ben Stein.

– The continuing writer’s strike is bringing us closer and closer to a reality show all of the time TV. GASP! What do the writers of the Daily Show think of the ongoing writers’ strike? Check out this funny video from the picket line.

– A fanvid supporting the writers of the Daily Show and the Colbert Report and expressing how much we miss these two great shows.

Frank Rich talks about Rudy so I do not have to this week.

– Last week’s vacation to St. Croix delivered everything as promised – sun, fun, good friends and lots of laughs. Check out some photos here:

– I was captured by one super industrious sand crab while on the beach. Check out this little guy here:



1. bonnieluria - November 18, 2007

That sunset photo ! Influenced by ‘The Color Mauve’.
Saw St.Croix-nicity on the blog roll. 🙂

A chock full blog and as always, informative, interesting and diverse. And well designed.

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