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Happy Thanksgiving – things I am thankful for November 21, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Animal Videos, Photography, Politics, Videos.


Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. Because this holiday ends up being mostly about food (with a little thanks thrown in) I gathered some of my favorite animals eating their own type of special meal pictured above.

– And for a short video of some of these animals eating check out my film:

It is expected that over 27 million Americans will be flying this weekend. I get anxious thinking about how awful that experience will be and I am staying locally.

–  I am thankful I am not flying this weekend.

–  I am thankful that there are now only 425 days left in this administration of thugs.

–  I am thankful that there are other people out there as obsessed with the Kerik situation as me.

–  I am thankful that some fan has a website devoted to Keith Olbermann.

–  Speaking of Keith – this is why I watch him as often as I can. He takes up stories other news organizations find un-sexy, explains them thoroughly and we, the public, are better off for it. Here is a recent example.

–  I am thankful for little things like this website.

–  I am thankful that we will have a Democratic President in 2008 unless we screw things up in our usual fashion.

–  I am thankful people send me fun sites like this one and this one.

–  I am thankful for my google alerts. Create some for yourself.

Finally, I am thankful that you actually read my rants, tirades, musings and oddball sends.



1. bonnieluria - November 21, 2007

And we are thanful for YOU and your themes and photos and obscure yet oh so necessary tidbits, in addition to your rants.
Love the animal/food montage

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