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Sunday Hodgepodge November 25, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Animal Videos, Photography, Politics, Videos.


Pablo, our Tamandua (lesser Ant Eater) is fast becoming a super star at the Central Park Zoo. Check out Pablo and some other fabulous faces in this week’s montage. Here are a few Tamandua tidbits for you to think about. They are at home both in trees and on the ground. They are most active at night, often nesting during the day in hollow tree trunks – however, Pablo, luckily, is very active during the day. They have small eyes and poor vision but can hear and smell quite well. Their coarse hair keeps angry ants from reaching the skin when it dines at an anthill. It’s prehensile tail is useful as it spends much if it’s time in trees. The underside and end of the tail is hairless; the tail is used like an extra hand or foot while climbing. They also use their tail for balance and as an anchor when they go into a defensive position. A smelly scent gives them the nickname “stinkers of the forest.” It can spray a foul-smelling secretion said to be four times more powerful than a skunk’s

– Pablo is featured in this weeks video presentation. If you look carefully at 19 seconds into the video you can see Pablo’s amazing tongue.

– Black Friday and Cyber-Monday are frightening things to a person like me who hates crowds. The videos of people diving into crowds to get that last ‘must-have’ item is nauseating. Check out this article by Amy Goodman about What would Jesus buy? And this trailer for the film.

– If you missed Andy Borowitz’s hysterical Thanksgiving note check it out here.

Mike Huckabee is a nice guy. That seems to be an important quality to lots of folks out there who blindly go to the polls. He does appear to be a nice guy but he is one scary fellow to me. He does not believe in evolution. Can you really seriously pull the lever for someone who does not believe in evolution?

But Huckabee is also something else: full-blown nuts, a Christian goofball of the highest order. He believes the Earth may be only 6,000 years old, angrily rejects the evidence that human beings evolved from “primates” and thinks America wouldn’t need so much Mexican labor if we allowed every aborted fetus to grow up and enter the workforce. To top it off, Huckabee also left behind a record of ethical missteps in the swamp of Arkansas politics that make Whitewater seem like a jaywalking ticket.

– It is a Huckabee kind of morning since he seems to be the flavor of the week. Here are five things you probably did not know about Huckabee.

– What’s a Sunday without a rant about Rudy. Is the GOP Ready to Nominate a Mob-Connected Man for the Presidency?

Knut, that adorable Polar Bear born in Germany, now weighs 220 pounds and no longer hugs the keeper. Guess what? There night be three more cubs for us to ooh and ahh about this summer.

– In less than 50 days the race will almost be over. Iowa caucus’ are January 3rd and New hampshire has now locked in January 8th for their primary. This is getting serious now. If you have a favorite candidate now would probably be a good time to send them a check.

– Did Bush ask Scott McClellan to lie — or didn’t he? The more we find out about the Valerie Plame case after the fact the worse it smells. Read about the ongoing did he or didn’t Bush ask McClellan to lie when he was Press Secretary.

– Speaking of liars. The Pentagon is leaving 20,000 soldiers with brain injuries off their injured in Iraq list. No, really.

– Finally, there is good news from down under. Another Bush ally was dumped. Good riddance.



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2. Bill - November 25, 2007

I have written a blog post that I think you may agree with, as I find the whole Black Friday thing a very sad affair…


Love to hear what you think.

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