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Life Imitates Art November 28, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Animal Videos, Photography, Politics, Videos.

msptree.jpgThis photo was taken last weekend in neighborhood park – Madison Square Park. The trunk is all that remains of an English Elm that stood in the Park when it first opened in 1847. The remaining dying branches were cut this summer for public safety. The other elms in the Park date back some 200 years. Roxy Paine’s stainless steel tree sculptures have graced the Park for the past few months and it was one of those life imitates art occurrences as this old elm sits right near one of his sculptures called ‘Defunct’. The similarity was instant when I saw the tree juxtaposed against the sculpture.
I have even more admiration for this old tree when I think it has been proudly standing in my Park through history including these events: the ending of the Revolutionary War, the inauguration of George Washington, the founding of the NY Stock Exchange in 1792, Robert Fulton‘s steamboat chugging up the Hudson and the horrors of the Civil War. Beginning in 1876, the arm and torch of the Statue of Liberty were displayed in Madison Square Park for six years to raise funds for construction of the statue and base. The block to the northeast of the park was home to the first two incarnations of Madison Square Garden (1876-1925), the building of its neighbor the graceful Flatiron building, the Stock Market crash of 1929 and on and on. As I walk my dog Benny every day I think about some of these events as I gaze at these lovely remaining standing trees.

–  Take the money and run – Trent Lott as you know has announced his resignation effective by the end of the year There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that his decision had been influenced by the new ethics and lobbying rules. Senators who retire this year have to wait only one year before lobbying their former colleagues, instead of the two years that go into effect in 2008. Snake oil salesman, all. Good riddance.

– My eyes and ears popped out of my head when I watched Keith Olbermann Tuesday night. It is about the interview that Charlie Rose had with Karl ‘turd blossom’ Rove. Get ready to wretch.

– Jonathan Turley is consistently one of Keith’s best guests. He is a Constitutional authority who explains the laws of our land in easy to understand language. Check out his ideas on crimes perpetrated by the thugs in the Bush Administration.

– Mitt ‘I will say anything no matter how stupid at anytime’ Romney tries to backtrack on his comment about why he would not have a Muslim in his Cabinet. Oh my Gawd!

– 417 days to go until you know what.

– Mid-East Peace Process! With the Joker in charge? Puh-leeeeeze.

– Since most of what you are seeing on TV these days are re-runs because of the writer’s strike I am honoring their picket line by re-running one of own favorite videos:



1. bonnieluria - November 28, 2007

no where can you get such a detailed history of NY than on this blog.
every time I play this video, my dogs start barking as if at an intruder! it’s very funny.

2. Carol - November 28, 2007

love the juxtaposition of the trees. And how interesting…all the history! They must be very educational dog walks.

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4. revolutionary war - November 29, 2007

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