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Sunday Complaints December 16, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Photography, Politics, This 'n That, Videos.

tigerroar.jpgThere is so much to complain about these days that I decided today would be a fine day to post some of my own random complaints. The Complaints Choir got started in Helsinki and is a growing phenomenon. It is a great way for a whole lot of people to express their complaints in a delightful forum. Their website informs you how to start your own complaints choir. Watch the video below, write a list of complaints, contact your friends and continue the movement. If you can’t think of anything to complain about – contact me and I will lend you some of my complaints.

– I am complaining because I am sure not enough people watched Keith Olbermann on Bill Moyers’ Journal Friday night. If you missed it, take the time ( it is a 20 minute interview) and watch this link.

– The FCC is going to roll right over all of us on Tuesday when they vote to allow more media moguls to gobble up more newspapers. Your voice is growing dimmer and dimmer. This second story from Bill Moyers’ Journal (11 minutes of eye opening information) will make your head explode.

– Everyone needs a moment to break from complaining. So check out my montage of photos from yesterday’s trip to the Beardsley Zoo in Connecticut.

– I am complaining because this man is still in the public eye. He is a liar, a thug and a profiteer and he does not look good in drag.

– For more on Rudy the Profiteer, check out this story on how he keeps raking in the dough by invading your privacy.

– I am complaining because we still have 400 days left in this administration of thugs.

– I am complaining because we all knew that Michael Mukasey would be another puppet for this adminstration of thugs and he is proving it forthwith by fighting Congress over the investigation of the destruction of the CIA water boarding tapes.

– Big business owns this nation and it makes me crazy. The Humungous telecommunications companies do not need government protection, but that is exactly what is about to happen.

– I am complaining because we only get to read Frank Rich once a week. If you missed what he is talking about, watch this video too.

– In the ‘always’ leave ’em laughing’ mode —



1. bonnieluria - December 16, 2007

May I add: I’d like to complain that our power went out for 5 hours yesterday for the second time in as many days. The last time it went out was for 6 hours.
And our cable was out again last night. Our government here owes the power company $20 million bucks. The president of the Cable/TV /Telephone company has filed for bankruptcy while his $6 million dollar home is incomplete in it’s construction, his art collection is being held by creditors and his apartment in Trump Tower is being used by his college age son while he attends school in NY. Dad drives around this island in a Rolls Royce and my phone lines are so bad, my mother can’t hear me when I call her.
Greed must be good for some.

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