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Mr Dodd Goes to Washington December 18, 2007

Posted by judylobo in Animal Stories, Links, Politics, Videos.

wolfhowl.jpgMr Dodd Goes to Washington while the other Democratic candidates for President stayed in Iowa. Let’s give more than three cheers to Chris Dodd for having the backbone to stand up to the thugs and the big telecommunication corporations and deliver on what he promised to do. Alison Stewart, filling in for Keith Olbermann, gives her report on the battle that occurred on the floor of the Senate yesterday which, for now resulted in Harry Reid pulling the bill off of the floor. Sam Seder from Air America weighs in on what happened and why. This is worth six minutes of your time today.

– Back in October Chris Dodd promised to do what he did yesterday. Good for him.

– Let’s juxtapose the honest Mr Dodd with the dishonest Rudy Giuliani. Read this article called What Giuliani’s Sleazy Sex Life Tells Us About Him. It is about Rudy and his indecent personal life. It is most definitely an indication of how he leads his professional life.

– Speaking of dishonesty and cover-ups – here’s another sorrowful story about a Republican and his connection to people who do rotten things to dogs. First we had Mitt Romney and his dog story about the dog’s being strapped in his crate for a ten hour road trip on the roof of a car. We have Judi Nathan’s connection to a drug company who did terrible things to puppies and then killed them and of course way back we had the Bill’ kitten killer’ Frist tale. Now it is Mike Huckabee’s son. Blech!

– File this under funny. It is “Bill O’Reilly’s Sexual Harrassment Lawsuit Sung Like Handel’s “Messiah”. Really, I kid you not. The piece is a setting of the sexual harassment complaint lodged against Fox News pundit, Bill O’Reilly, by staff producer, Andrea Mackris, in October 2004 and recorded at its world premiere in January 2007. It includes all memorable moments from the original complaint and more – paranoid rants, clumsy sexual innuendo, and the famous falafel fantasy. Composer Igor Keller has produced this concert-length work in the form of a baroque oratorio, in the style of an updated Handel’s Messiah, for 28-piece chamber orchestra, 26-voice chorus and three soloists. It’s an oratorio for the 21st century!

– File this under flipped out and head exploding. Joe Lieberman endorses John McCain for President. Not much to say about this entire sad event.

– A book for those other pet lovers out there. The new Merck/Merial Manual for Pet Health: Home Edition. It is an exhaustive guide to the illnesses and care of many of the species that humans, sensibly or not, have turned to for companionship, aims to help out.

In its 1,345 pages, readers can find, among other things, the anatomy of a turtle; six signs of hyperparathyroidism in a dog; a list of 27 houseplants poisonous to pets; a description of lockjaw (an infection that leads baby birds to starve to death); instructions for what to do if your pet is shot with an arrow (don’t pull it out); seven causes of liver injuries in horses; the necessary components of a pet travel kit; 161 diseases that can be passed to humans from animals; and yes, a proper diagnosis for a sick gerbil.

– Always ending with a smile, here is the Wildlife Conservation Society shining star, Alan Rabinowitz who uses diplomacy, science, heart and character to help the endangered tiger.



1. bonnieluria - December 18, 2007

Handels’ Messiah is the perfect companion piece for the ” Complaint Choir”. A new and intriguing way to appreciate classical music!

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