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Tatiana the Tiger, Zoos and other Sunday Stuff December 30, 2007

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tigerblog.jpgI was deeply disturbed by the horrifying tiger incident that occurred at the San Francisco Zoo on Christmas Day. I frequent that Zoo several times a year when I visit my relatives and coincidentally, my family was at the SF Zoo that day and fortunately left shortly right before the tragedy. I enjoy the SF Zoo so much that I became a member, even though I live in NYC. The San Francisco Zoo has been on my ‘Google Alerts’ since the incident and I have read every article (and there have been many) from around the world. There is no defending the tiger attack, the death of the young man or the injury to the two brothers (Amritpal ‘Paul’ Dhaliwal, 19, and Kulbir Dhaliwal, 23). It was all horrible and the first such attack to ever happen at any Zoo in the US. There have been other animal attacks and sadly it is usually to zookeepers or zoo visitors who foolishly climb or accidentally fall into an exhibit. As a frequent Zoo goer and 18 year volunteer at the Central Park Zoo I know the important role that AZA– Zoos and Aquariums play in our society. They are conservation organizations whose major mission is education, protection and of course, family enjoyment. To answer those critics who say all animals belong in the wild is unrealistic. Those people are unaware of the numbers of species that are on the endangered or threatened list in the wild. The lion’s share of animals in zoos are all born in other zoos. It is a rare event that an animal is taken out of the wild to be put in a zoo. I have been to many Zoos around the world and have never felt in any danger. I have only felt the joy, wonder and respect for these amazing animals who serve as ambassadors to their species and help to focus public attention towards ongoing conservation efforts. The SF Zoo, and other Zoos around the country are now double checking their own security with the hopes of avoiding similar incidents. I am pleased to report that the SF Zoo is opening its beautiful gates to the public once again on January 3rd. I know I will be visiting there again on my next trip to the area in February.

To see some montages of two my visits to the San Francisco Zoo check out these two sites.

William Blake wrote: Tiger, tiger, burning bright In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

– For those that want to know more about just what these two brothers might have done before the tiger attack, read this article. There is some food for thought here (no pun intended).

– This video (not mine) gives you a good glimpse at the exhibit where Tatiana lived. You can see her climbing down the ladder leading down to the empty moat. The lions shown in the second half of the video are viewed through a glass window from another exhibit in the big cat area.

– Here is ten minutes of good Jewish comedy shtick to lighten the mood.

– The Primary season is upon us and the frenzy is building. All of the debates, the bullshit, the lying the mud slinging, the media probing, the dread and the hope is coming down to the wire. Here is a good chart that tells you where and when the Primaries are happening. Very interesting stuff. It looks to me that by February 5th it will all be over except for the talking heads, the squawking heads and the bloggerheads (oh – duh – that would be me).

– So just what the heck is a Caucus anyway? The Iowa Caucus’ are days away. Check out this explanatory video.

– If you are not registered to vote and just why aren’t you? Go here.

– Here’s Mark Fiore’s funny take on the Republican Caucus’

– For those Mac vs. PC people out there, I found this very funny spoof.

– For my photo montage wrap up of end of the year zoo photos, check out my ‘no ifs, just lots of ends and butts here.



1. Jude - December 30, 2007

There is symmetry in butts too!
Terrific wrap up for the year end.

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