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Of tigers, Prosecutors and Iowans: January 3, 2008

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leopardblog.jpgYou are correct. This photo is not of a tiger. It is a photo of one absolutely gorgeous snow leopard that I saw at the Bronx Zoo. The San Francisco Zoo reopens today. I continue to read all of the stories that are dripping out of the area. I am sure after today’s zoo opening there will be more. A woman who claims to have seen the tiger taunters speaks to the SF Gate in this article. Here’s another point of view from a blogger who does not have the same restrictions as the general press. The article is called: Of Tiger Walls and Tragedies: Thoughts on the San Francisco Zoo Tiger Incident

– Raise your hand if you think a prosecutor, who works for this scandal plagued Justice Department will be able to deliver a ‘fair and balanced’ investigation into the CIA detruction of torture tapes? Anybody? Anybody? Well, AG Mukasey decided a ‘special’ independent prosecutor was not necessary and has appointed a guy from within. Anyone think this investigation will be going nowhere very quickly? This move is both insulting and should be criminal.
– 382 days left in this Thuggish Administration.

– This just in: Fred ‘bored to be here’ Thompson is expected to drop out of the race within days if he finishes poorly in Thursday’s Iowa caucus. He will throw his support (the 15 people who support him) behind McCain. I wonder if he will want his TV job back from Jack McCoy on Law and Order?

– Political break inserted here: Studying Kangaroo Farts and Teflon-Coated Frogs: Weird Science That Could Save Our Lives

– Here’s a neat map for you to follow the campaign and the primary races. Just click on a state and all of the information will appear on the right.

Why Iowa? What’s the big deal with Iowa? Why do they get first dibs? Check out this short history of the Iowa Caucus’ and why they have become as BIG an event as they have.

– Much more tomorrow after the Iowan fat lady sings.

– Always leave ’em laughing: This video just cracked me up.



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