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It’s a long road to Pennsylvania Avenue January 4, 2008

Posted by judylobo in Movie Reviews, Photography, Politics, Videos.

_one.jpgSo what the heck happened in Iowa? I am not really surprised by the three way race for the Dreadfulcrats. Congratulations to Barack Obama on many levels. He has achieved something that our nation should be very proud of. The way the Caucus mechanics works, there is no secret ballot. There is lots of cajoling, peer pressure and who knows what promises to come in a crowded room filled with zesty Dems? The Repugnants do have a paper ballot but I am not spending much thoughtful energy on that race right now. The fight for their nomination is bloodier than the Dems and it is just starting. There is many a primary to come and the busloads of campaigners are on their way to New Hampshire. Try not to forsake your favorite candidate just yet. This is only the beginning of a very long, windy road to Pennsylvania Avenue. Well, at least until February 5th, anyway.

Casualties of battle include Chris Dodd and Joe Biden, who both dropped out of the race after winning only tiny percentages of the vote. I will miss them both.

–  The GOP race might be in a frenzy. Check out some analysis at Politico.com.

–  Switching gears here: The Top Ten Political Movies of the Year according to this writer. I have seen them all and you can read my own Lobo reviews here.

–  For those that get their news from the Late Night talk shows here is a clip from Dave Letterman’s return for you:



1. bonnieluria - January 4, 2008

Is that Ida gesturing to the theme song of ” Rocky”?
I can hear it from down this way!

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