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Surrender Dorothy (Hillary) January 7, 2008

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oyblog.jpgSurrender Dorothy, or should I say, Hillary predictions has the media in a furious frenzy. It seems that the press is convulsive over the seeming fall of Hillary (and therefore, Bill). They scream the latest polling results at us – foaming at the mouth at her drop in numbers. The press has her falling from grace, embarrassed, or as the glaring NY Post headline blasts today ‘Ballistic’. They are delirious with the idea that the Clinton dynasty is over. Is anyone else scratching their heads at this phenomenon? Does anyone else see Karl Rove chuckling somewhere in Texas? The New York Times front page has a woeful article about Bill’s lack of energy and sleepy crowds. It goes on and on and on.

– I am more rabid over the fact that Bill Kristol’s first opinion column appears in the New York Times today. On the other side of the page the editorial board of the Times tries to soothe our anger with this editorial about the Repugnants versus the dreadfulcrats. I am not soothed.

– Tomorrow’s New hampshire primary will garner more frenetic columns I am sure. Remember, it is not over until the fat lady sings. February 5th will be the big day of reckoning. Hang on to your hats – the ride gets bumpier.

– The Tatiana the tiger story is morphing into a media sideshow with some of the emphasis out onto the boy’s attorney. Can this be good?

– Representing the San Francisco Zoo in this corner is Sam Singer, who is also making the press.

– Today’s Washington Post has an opinion column by George McGovern calling for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney. Yes, I voted for dear old George a long time ago.

John McCain never met a war he did not like. He is still backing this Iraq botch up.

– In the always leave ’em laughing mode.



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