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Of Vacations and Politics January 9, 2008

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Who doesn’t love a good race? As I have said time and again – it ain’t over until the fat lady sings (or at least until February 5th). The press had Hillary dead and buried but the voting public in New Hampshire were not not quite ready for the people of Iowa to pick their President for them.  The Barack Obama bandwagon is in high gear. He seems to have inspired something in the populace, especially the young, to get off their collective duffs and go to the polls. This is very exciting to watch. Is he my first choice? No, he is not. Is Hillary my first choice? No, she is not. I have told you that I sent money to John Edwards and Bill Richardson. Will I support Obama? Absolutely. Will I support Hillary? Absolutely. I will work hard to get a democrat elected to be the next President of the US. Do I think he or she can win? Absolutely. Super Tuesday, February 5th will be the day we name our nominee. Hang to to your hats because Obama will be under the media’s magnifying glass for the next three weeks like never before and it will not be pretty. I hope he can hang onto that million dollar smile. If you are not so sure about Obama watch this video by one of my heroes, Robert Greenwald and get to know a little more about him.

Yes, the gal who hates to travel is packed and ready to leave once again. We are off to Vietnam and Cambodia. My Alternate Title for this sojourn is: Places We Have Bombed. This trip has already had more glitches than most when Thai Airlines (without informing anyone) not only changed all of the original flight numbers, but also changed the time (35 minutes earlier) and bumped everyone out of their booked and confirmed seats. Telephoning was impossible as they have outsourced their reservation desk and after hours of mind-numbing music while on hold those new employees either hung up on us or said we simply did not have to go on the airplane. Luckily there is an office in NYC and we were able to get new seats (not the ones we originally booked 8 months ago – but we do have seats). Hopefully this travel glitch is the only bad thing that will happen. By the way – the list of airlines I will no longer fly on is getting lengthier. Soon my travels will be relegated to the NYC subway.

– While I am away, I’ll miss the Michigan Primary on January 15th but since Michigan’s jump to mid-January triggered shifts by Iowa and New Hampshire the DNC stripped Michigan of all its delegates to the national convention because it moved ahead of Feb. 5 without permission. Tsk, tsk! Saturday, January 19th is the Nevada Caucus and I will be back for the next big political event in South Carolina on January 26th. So, read up and I will see you all soon. With travel, not politics on the mind, check out some things that crossed this desktop.

– The DOT has decided that we fliers need a few more rules. Check out this new one about batteries. Batteries not included: New rules ban loose lithium batteries from checked luggage. This article, with a little more clarity from yesterday’s Times.

– Thinking of traveling with your laptop? Read this article and you might rethink that plan. By the way – I am leaving my laptop home this trip. Not because of this article but because I am focusing on the vacate part of the word, vacation.

– Here’s a site where you can complain about your airplane misery.

– This plane sat on the runway for 7 hours.

– Don’t blame the weather: Flight delays caused by airline glitches are now creating longer passenger slowdowns than congestion in the skies. The data call into question a long-held notion about air travel delays — that bad weather and heavy air traffic cause the bulk of the waits that passengers endure. The newspaper’s analysis shows that airline problems, such as pilot shortages, taking too long to refuel and mechanical breakdowns, are as much at the root of delays as anything else

– Book early in the Month Tip.

– Do you shop when you travel? I tend to buy locally made, incredibly kitschy stuff.

– This is becoming a very popular way to avoid those intrusive, invasive airport security lines.

– In an unrelated matter: Whoa! A new theory suggests that we should forget about that big old meteorite shower and start thinking about the act that insects may have led to the demise of those big old dinosaurs. Deet anyone?

Martial Zoo Law: Blow guns, tranquilizer guns, net guns and training classes for that eventual break out. Gads!

– The Australians have great senses of humor:



1. Doug - January 12, 2008

Thanks for sharing these great thoughts. I’m bookmarking this for future reference. Some of these I already do, so the point resonated most strongly with me. Keep feeding the creativity.
I am currently on holiday so, for this reason, I’ve nothing better to do than surf the web for travel ideas, lie around and update my blog. Well, more or less anyway.
Doug C

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