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And then there were two January 31, 2008

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torture.jpgJohnny, we hardly knew ye! My choice for President, John Edwards, has dropped out of the race. Woe is me. I am sad to report that I am now in the ‘undecided’ column. In all of my years of political junkism (made up word) I have always wondered about that large group called ‘Undecided’. What to do? What to do? I want to vote for the candidate that will win, can win and has the grit to fight off the slime that will surely come their way.

– Gail Collins sums up the decision by Rudy and John Edwards to withdraw in her column today. The first line sums it up nicely. Farewell to John Edwards and Rudy Giuliani. Guess which one is planning to devote his life to helping the poor?

Time Magazine has an interesting article about Why Edwards Never Caught On. I think the lack of media attention did him in. His non-contentious headstrong approach to sticking to the issues is not good media hype. So he was drowned in the media’s love of a nasty story and the feud between Hilary and Barack was much better for them. Aurgh!

– Here’s John Edwards‘ withdrawal speech.

Jon Stewart covers the dropouts after the Florida Primary.

Russ Feingold sticks to the issues. Check out this 30 second clip as to why you should care about this issue. Keith Olbermann will have one of his Special Commentary’s tonight about the FISA issue.



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