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Cambodia, Super Tuesday & Water Boarding February 3, 2008

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Angkor Wat is arguably Cambodia’s most positive image and is of such importance to their culture it even appears on their national flag. Built in the 12th century as a Hindu temple it is one of the only temples in the magnificent area known as Siem Reap that is still a religious site. First Hindu, now Buddhist, it epitomizes the architecture of the Khmer style. It is why we traveled to Cambodia.

– For those that like an abbreviated synopsis of this country’s ravaged history: The Hindu Khmer’s ruled over the vast area since 600 building all of the fabulous temples that tourists flock to today. Multiple invasions from the Thai’s and the Vietnamese saw a decline in cohesive unity. In 1863, the French colonized the region, joining Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam into a single protectorate known as French Indochina. A French puppet ruled until 1941 when Sihanouk was elevated to power. This move and the Japanese occupation during World War Two convinced Cambodians to fight for their independence. Enter our murky history. Cambodia was granted independence within the French Union in 1949. The French-Indochinese War gave Sihanouk full military control of the country. In 1963, he sought a guarantee of Cambodia’s neutrality from all parties in the Vietnam War. North Vietnamese and Vietcong troops had begun using eastern Cambodia as a safe haven from which to launch attacks into South Vietnam, making it increasingly difficult to stay out of the war. A home grown Communist guerrilla movement known as the Khmer Rouge also began to put pressure on the government in Phnom Penh. On March 18, 1970, while Sihanouk was abroad, anti-Vietnamese riots broke out and Sihanouk was overthrown by Gen. Lon Nol.

Combat reached a head in April 1975 when the Lon Nol regime was overthrown by Pol Pot, leader of the Khmer Rouge forces. The four years of nightmarish Khmer Rouge rule led to the state-sponsored extermination of citizens by its own government. Perhaps two million people were massacred on the killing fields of Cambodia or worked to death through forced labor. Pol Pot’s maniacal vision of changing the country into a Marxist agrarian society led to the virtual extermination of the country’s professional and technical classes. They still suffer today from this massacre and decimation of families, culture and history.

This country is only free of conflict for the past nine years and is depending on the tourist dollar to help it regain its place in the world. They are proud that 2007 saw over two million foreign visitors.

Check out my two photo montages of Cambodia here and here.

– It looks like the writer’s strike is coming to an end. How many are tiring of re-runs? Now perhaps we will have a properly overly long Oscar show.

– I only changed my mind about who I was going to vote for yesterday nine times.

– The GOP is losing 28 House seats to retirement. The Dems are only losing five. The current tally is 199 Republicans and 232 Democrats, with four vacancies to be filled by special elections. The chances of the GOP regaining control of the House in 2008 is slim to none.

– Why don’t I hear the candidates talking FISA? It is a very important issue. Attorney General Mike Mukasey refused to answer whether Bush had violated the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act under the Terrorist Surveillance Program. By the way – I am very angry at Chuck Schumer for pushing this guy down our throats.

– This is the latest Barack Obama promotional music video. The Black Eyed Peas’ frontman, songwriter and producer known as will.i.am, along with director and filmmaker Jesse Dylan, son of another socially active musician, Bob Dylan, released a new song Friday that attempts to inspire and get you (or the young people in your house) to the polls.

– For those that need a simpler way to understand what water boarding really is.



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