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And the winner is… February 6, 2008

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oyblog.jpgAnd the winner is – as predicted by all – no one. The fat lady ain’t singing yet (except for those who have already dropped out).

Hillary has accumulated 845 delegates to Barack’s 765. To get a better picture of the actual delegates awarded to each candidate go to this site.

– Add Hillary’s 213 Super Delegates and Barack’s 127 to the tally. What is a Super Delegate you ask?

After George McGovern’s landslide defeat in 1972, in order to not have a candidate who did not ‘represent’ the Party as a whole, the Dem’s established a nominating system that includes 842 “super-delegates” – un-pledged party leaders not chosen by the voters, free to support the candidate of their choice, and who comprise more than forty percent of the delegates needed to win the nomination. Many have already announced the candidate they will support. For a peek at some of the Super Delegate endorsements check here.

About sore losers: I hear some cranky Obama supporters who claim if Hillary is the eventual nominee they won’t vote at all or they will vote for the GOP nominee. I am going to attribute this kind of emotional dyspepsia to ‘youthful exuberance’ or first time voter mania. Why even, much to my dismay, Michelle Obama is not sure if she will support Hilary. Let us all calm down, listen to what the candidates have to say and support our nominee. We should all be mighty proud of what our Party looks like, stands for and proud of both of our remaining nominees.

– This Saturday, February 9th we have four more Primaries and.or caucus’. Check here for the rest of the dates.

– On the GOP side, McCain has 613, Romney 269, Huckabee 190 and Ron Paul, 14.

– For a change of pace, here is a video produced by the San Francisco Zoo about what their big cats have been doing since the nightmare of December 25th. I will be visiting the SF Zoo again in a few weeks and will report back on any changes.



1. bonnieluria - February 6, 2008

Oh Hillary, Oh-Bama, Oh- Ida !
They all look like they’re stressed. Whatever the outcome, who would have thought that after 200 years of the same old bad old boys club, we’d be chewing a nail over choosing between a woman and a black man!
Epis, tocka, who knows, maybe a Jewish fella in 4 years? Who could say? Let’s have a piece of cake and sit a minute………

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