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A Pack of Wolves February 10, 2008

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Politics often mirrors the pack of wolves mentality. The Obama bandwagon is picking up steam as many columnists and talking heads smell Clinton blood and are getting prepared for the pounce. Bill Maher (who I am sure is delighted that the writer’s strike is almost over) had a panel of all men on Friday night (PJ O’Rourke, Matt Dowd, Jonah Goldberg and Bob Costas). It was anti-Hillary pile on. Watch the 10 minute clip here.

– Before I return to politics please visit with me, some real wolves at the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY. Their mission is to promote wolf conservation by teaching about wolves, their relationship to the environment and the role of humans in protecting their future. We visited last weekend during their small group photo session and were able to get close and personal with four of their wolves (Apache, Atka, Kaila and Lukas). You can check out their site at and read all about their important work here. To see my photos from last week’s visit go here.

– I shot a 20 second video of Apache, the alpha wolf, howling.

Rep. George Miller (CA) has introduced the Protect America’s Wildlife (PAW) Act, legislation to close a federal loophole and curb Alaska’s brutal aerial hunting program — and prevent programs like it from spreading to places like the Greater Yellowstone region. Thirty five years ago, Congress passed a law to put an end to aerial hunting. But Alaska is exploiting a loophole in federal law to resume the practice, not only for wolves, but bears as well. Hundreds of scientists have condemned what Alaska is doing, even as other states threaten to follow Alaska’s lead. It’s time to stop aerial hunting once and for all. You can see a photo of Atka as she was seen on Capitol Hill when Congressman Miller presented the bill.

– Please urge your Representative to sign on as a cosponsor to Rep. George Miller’s PAW Act. My Congresswoman, Carolyn Maloney has already signed the petition. You can sign the petition here.

– Obama swept three states yesterday as predicted. Can the Democrats work this out before the media jumps in for the kill? Read Frank Rich today, as an example.

– For a different perspective read this piece by Robin Morgan.

– The delegate count is very very close after yesterday’s votes and caucuses. Hillary has 1121 to Barack’s 1106. Hillary has 211 Super Delegates to Barack’s 137. Maine has their caucus today and then Virginia, Maryland and DC have their primaries on Tuesday the 12th.

– I am taking a two day break from politics and going to the Westminster Dog Show. They have their own politics for sure, but it is more of the warm and fuzzy kind.

For a break from the politics of the day, watch this video from the San Francisco Zoo.



1. Carol - February 10, 2008

That was Apache? I thought that was me when I have to go to work in the morning.

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