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The People Have Spoken February 13, 2008

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listen.jpgThe people have spoken and the telecoms and the US Government are listening. The Senate in an amazingly lopsided vote of 69 to 29 bowed to the Bushies and passed a controversial measure authorizing security agencies to tap foreign telephone calls and emails in the US “war on terror.” Just how low does this bogus President’s numbers have to be for this Senate to not be overpowered by this administration? I am more pissed than I have been in quite a while. What does this all mean? It means the Senate has authorized blanket immunity to telecommunications companies for potential violations of US laws requiring warrants to spy on US citizens — a notion some lawmakers in the House have resisted. It also means that the Bushies are trying to shield themselves (which they have accomplished) from future prosecutions.

– For a list of Senators who voted yea or nay check this out. FYI- Clinton and Obama did not vote. McCain did vote (of course in the yea column)

– Oh yes, and the people in another three primaries have spoken loudly as the Obama train rolls on. The delegate count is still mighty close with important states coming up. Obama has 1259 to Clinton’s 1210. She still leads in the Super Delegate count. Stay tuned.

uno.jpgI spent the last two days at the Westminister dog show. What fun. Little 15 inch beagle, Uno took the top prize. He was the crowd favorite from the first bark. He had the look of a winner from his first spin around the floor. I cannot imagine how these judges do it. They all looked like winners to me. There will be many photos for you to bark at later this week.

Here’s my little best in show guy, Benny, in a video I shot last summer:



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