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Equal Time for Cats February 19, 2008

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madblog1.jpgI know there’s important stuff happening around the world today. There’s Kosovo’s independence and the news out of Cuba that Fidel Castro is finally stepping down after 40 years in power. There’s the cranking up of the salivating talking heads as they look for every nuance to trash Hillary in her quest for the nomination. But I am just not in the mood. Today is a good day for equal time for cats. After my two photo montage week of dogs from the Westminster show, it seemed only right. The photo on the left is of my cat, Madison. She demands equal time after all of the photos I upload of my dog, Benny. Madison, as a 3 pound kitty, walked into the lobby of my building in October of 2001, providing a terrific respite after the nightmare of 9/11. The super called me and the rest (and a bunch of pounds later) is history. So today is all about cats (well mostly).

– The Tatiana the tiger story out of the San Francisco Zoo still generates news. I will be visiting that fabulous City later in the week and hopefully will get to see the big cats in their new escape proof habitats. After being in quarantine since the fatal Christmas Day tiger mauling, the big cats at the San Francisco Zoo were let back into their newly renovated digs over the holiday weekend and promptly did what all cats like to do: They lazily sniffed around, showed signs of indifference and then lay down and went to sleep.

– Watch this fabulous video of three white tiger cubs.

– Here’s a map of a cat’s brain.

– Here’s a website devoted to photos of cats in sinks!

– Time out for a dog story. Who doesn’t love the best dancing doggie ever?

– One of my favorite websites is called working class cats (little kitties in the city). It features photos and stories of cats seen in the workplace.

– Not to be outdone by the daily puppy, we have the daily kitten.

– Always leave ’em laughing video:



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