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Greetings from the Heartland February 23, 2008

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It has been a ‘fish out of water’ week for this political junkie. I am off on what I have tagged my Four Zoos and a Wedding tour. We are almost halfway through this wacky adventure and it has been a great ride (even the airport part of the journey has been uneventful and drug free). It is hard to believe that the weather has been better in South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska than it has been at home in New York City. Yes there is lots of snow here, but it simply is part of the huge, vast flat landscape and not something that stops the natural flow of the land or its hearty people.

– I have not been paying much attention to the political goings on out there but am aware of the John McCain lobbying fiasco and the new scandal involving GOP Rep Rick Renzi. Does the phrase ‘when will they ever learn’ come to mind?

– The continuing quest for Democratic delegates goes on. The tally I watch is on this website.

– Is Mike Huckabee fighting what he thinks is the ‘good fight’ because he doesn’t have another job to fall back on if he drops out of the race? Here are some thoughts on that issue.

– One of the websites I frequent on a regular basis is called The Daily Mitzvah. Check it out and have a few smiles.

– The first of two zoos on this Four Zoos and a Wedding trip was the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha. I can say without qualification it was our best zoo visit ever (and most of you know I am a zoo nut). We were fortunate to have some special treatment by their top notch Marketing Department and a few open-hearted keepers. Our special treatment included a behind the scenes tour which garnered a chance for us to hold a penguin or two and get kissed by a giraffe. Ever had giraffe spittle in your hair? It is a very cool thing. There will be lots of photos when I get home. The second Zoo was the Great Plains Zoo in Great Falls, South Dakota. Another special tour at this fine facility got us the chance to touch and ooh and ah over three rhinos and to see some of their winter holding animals up close and personal. There is no doubt that the people of the Heartland are special, warm and big hearted.

Much appreciation from this cynical, jaded New Yorker.




1. bonnieluria - February 23, 2008

I can feel your smiling face from here. I’m so eager to see the bounty of photos you’ll be placing here when you get back. What a thrill!
After all your years at the Central Park Zoo, isn’t it wonderful to have had this kind of reciprocity from others.
Maybe we ALL need to move to the heartland!

2. Jennifer - February 25, 2008

Yeah! I’m so glad you got the extra special Midwest friendly treatment on your tour. We can hardly wait to see all the pictures. It was so fun to help you see all the animals at the zoos and those at our wedding, too!

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