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San Francisco Zoo Revisited & Year of the Frog March 2, 2008

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I frequent the San Francisco Zoo several times a year when visiting my family (who happened to have been at the Zoo that fateful Christmas day). The horrible Tatiana the tiger tragedy looms large when one first returns to visit. The newly fortified habitats are noticeable to anyone who has been there before. The photo above shows the higher barrier, cyclone fencing and plexiglass big cat viewing areas. I noticed these obvious changes on all of the big cat habitats and also on the older bear exhibits. The SF Zoo needs all the good PR it can get these days. Smiles abounded this week when news of a 150 pound giraffe baby were announced along with news that one of the Sumatran tigers is pregnant.

– Check out my photo montage of this latest San Francisco Zoo visit here.

– If you have never seen a giraffe being born watch this video from the SF Zoo

sign.jpgThere are also new signs all around the Zoo asking people to telephone a specific Zoo contact number if they see anyone harassing the animals. On February 29th this new system got its first positive outcome when two people were spotted throwing acorns and branches into the black rhino exhibit to agitate the animals. They were arrested. I have been volunteering at the Central Park Zoo for the past 18 years and have seen a lot of nutty, obnoxious behavior by zoo visitors. It seems to me that this ugly behavior has waned in the last 10 years. I attribute that change in attitude to the availability of so many TV shows about animals, zoo education programs and a general awareness about animals and their important place in our world. I am hopeful that more zoos will also place signs around their facilities so that visitors can report inappropriate and cruel behavior to Zoo authorities as they see it happen.


Gribbit! Leap year day, February 29th was the beginning of the conservation world’s Year of the Frog. It was launched to create awareness of the global plight of frogs and other amphibians threatened by habitat loss, climate change, pollution and an emergent disease. I was pleased to find that most of our Central Park Zoo visitors were aware of the alarming disappearance of the world’s frog population. Check out some more info here and here. Here are some facts about frogs for you.

Poison Dart Frogs are little jewels. Politics to return in this space after Tuesday.



1. Jennifer - March 2, 2008

San Francisco looks like it was much warmer than the Heartland! I love the new signs at the zoos warning people not to be idiots. Sort of like the McDonald’s coffee warnings “CAUTION – The cup of coffee you are about to enjoy is extremely hot.”

2. Education » San Francisco Zoo Revisited & Year of the Frog - March 2, 2008

[…] Free Download ebooks and Softwares wrote an interesting post today on San Francisco Zoo Revisited & Year of the FrogHere’s a quick excerptI attribute that change in attitude to the availability of so many TV shows about animals, zoo education programs and a general awareness… […]

3. Jude - March 2, 2008

What a fabulous blog today. Very informative – videos, wonderful pictures, lessons on frogs – giraffes being born. I loved it.

4. Jessie - April 5, 2008


Your blog was very helpful to my…

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