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The Fat Lady Ain’t Singing Just Yet March 5, 2008

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It was a long night for the political junkies out there. The salivating talking heads on TV were analyzing any whim that popped into their heads during the ballot counting but Hillary managed to pull out a much needed win night with Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island.

On to Wyoming this Saturday with 18 delegates. Who ever thought that Wyoming would be important or that there were even registered Democrats living in Cheney land?

Tuesday, March 11th is Mississippi with 40 important delegates. April brings us 180 delegates to be fought over in Pennsylvania. I am sure both candidates hope they have a friend in Pennsylvania as it says on that state’s license plates. I am not going to talk about the May primary scenario just yet. Let’s see what happens. If you want to look ahead to see what states have not had their primary or caucus’ yet check it all out here.

This interim continued contest is exciting and exhausting but I think it will give us more time for the vetting of Obama so should he win the nomination we will not have any summer surprises but the swift boating Repugnants.

We Democrats have a lot to be proud about. This is one of the most interesting races in my memory.

I listened to John McCain’s acceptance of his nomination speech last night too. It was as if I was listening to an oldies tune. There was nothing new to hear and no promise of anything new, different or uplifting. If people do actually want a change, John McCain will not be the man to give it to them. I do delight in the fact that the Repugnants nominated a guy who, other than his support of the war (and perhaps all wars) is not one of the Bush faithful. That group of thugs are on their way down the road and out of our sight. They should be going to prison but that is a rant for another day.

Our visit to the heartland last week happily included the sensational Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska. Check a two montage worthy visit here and here.And who is not going to miss this lovable creationist candidate? What do you think Mike Huckabee is going to do now that he is no longer a candidate?



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